12-port SFP+ Extender/Carrier Card





The HTG-SFP+ extender/carrier card is designed for hosting  12 SFP+ optical transceiver ports. The card mates with HiTech Global V6HXT-100G or S4G-100G Interlaken compatible platforms. It can also be used in stand-alone mode.

The card is supported by six re-timers with Electrical Dispersion Compensation (EDC)



- Re-timer and EDC chips
- Interlaken compatible Tx/Rx interface
- Support for both stand alone or plugged in options

Ordering information

Part Number:
HTG-SFP-PLUS-MDL (carrier card)
HTG-SFP-PLUS-MDL-OM (carrier card with SFP+ optical module)
Price: $3,200

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